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Competitive prices

Detai Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd is a middle-sized professional manufacturer of various kinds of gift boxes, color boxes, paper bags, Jewelry boxes, hang tags, labels brochures etc. With advanced equipment and young talent team, our excellent services will exceed your expectation. The most important is that our price will beat our competitors.

High quality Assurance

Your satisfaction is our priority and we want you to be 100% happy with your every DeTai Order. With Brand new equipment and experienced printing workers, we are able to offer high quality products. We continuously improve and develop our products and services to meet your satisfaction.

More Innovative products

Your needs are changing our packaging too! Quick assembly cardboard boxes with fast closure, a wide choice of sizes and ready-to-use solutions, our brand new 5 color Heidelberg printing machine to increase our productivity, customized packaging to promote your brand. We continue to offer you new solutions for your business.

Excellent Services

One of our regular customers said: you have been extremely friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, it’s an amazing experience to deal with you and I would be happy to be a reference for you in USA market, if needed, feel free to have them call me. I would high recommend you”
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