Jewellery Box Packaging: How to choose them?

With so many jewellery box manufacturers promoting their packaging products, it becomes difficult for the consumer to decide which type is better. You can find jewellery box manufacturers produce boxes in different colours, material, and shapes. However, the real question that arises here is that which type of jewellery box should you choose? Here are a few selection criteria that you should consider before making your choice.

Are you giving a Gift?

Did you just buy a ring for yourself? Did you buy it for your love? Well, the reason behind buying a new ring will definitely determine which type of packaging is better for you. Gift box suppliers usually produce boxes that are more eye-catchy and fancy. They ensure that when you give a specific jewellery product to someone, their eyes will grow wide open with the elegance of the box.

On the other hand, in order to save money, many people even ask for a paper bag packing for their jewellery product. In fact, paper bag manufacturers face a high demand for kraft bags just for packing and carrying jewellery.

Therefore, once you have decided who you are buying the product for, you can finalise which type of packaging you should buy.

Material and Shape

Nowadays, many gift box suppliers have started producing boxes of different shapes and material to satisfy all demands. There was a time when satin and velvet were considered the best fabrics for a jewellery box. However, now you can even see people demand for wooden and plastic boxes for their personal reasons.

On the other hand, the shape can also play a significant role. For example, during Valentine’s season, heart-shaped boxes are high on demand as people plan on giving it to the one they love.

Size of the Box

What do you plan on using the box for? A ring? A necklace? Or a bracelet? Well, the size and shape of the box change with the product. For example, a ring is usually placed in a small box. On the other hand, a necklace usually comes in a larger box that is much wider.

Apart from that, the larger the box you use, the more it will cost. Therefore, you can also go for alternatives like paper bags and plastic boxes if you are simply planning on taking it home for yourself.

Wrap Up

With so many types of boxes, consumers can benefit as they have the element of choice. In addition, many people also prefer paper bags over gift boxes to reduce their cost. Therefore, in order to choose the best jewellery box packaging don’t forget to consider the aspects mentioned above.