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Customized Hang Tag Manufacturers in China

Are you in search of genuine hang tag manufacturers in China who can provide you quality paper hang tags for clothing? If yes, then your search has finished, we provide custom design hang tags with different sizes, shapes, and paper to promote your brand products.

hang tagsDetai Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd has been a reliable Hang Tag manufacturers, who has a wide range of paper hang tags in stylish designs and attractive formats. Our Clothing Hang tags work best to provide prominent information about the product. It is a well-maintained tag that is attached to various products and describes the useful details related to the products. Our customers can get wide categories of these tags and use them to provide related information about their products by using our great tags.


We are hang tag manufacturers which is supplying high-quality and classic garment Hang Tags to the customers, and are dedicated to fulfilling their business requirements as per their desires. We are careful about providing them special designs and useful paper hang tags so that they can mention specific product information on them. Our variety of garment tags is capable of providing the specific model number, the material used in making it, instructions for care, and the price of that product. They can use or add any information that they need to provide on such quality tags.

Elegant Solution To Business:

Detai Printing and Packaging Company are here to provide the elegant solution to promote your business by designing special tags to be used for multipurpose labeling needs. We are authentic hang tags supplier who has a wide range of paper and card tags that we design superbly to provide assistance to our customers. By using these tags, people can get all the useful information on the tags that make them easy to buy any particular products by simply seeing the details on the tags.

Features of our Hang Tags:

1. Durable and striking hang-tags for product details.
2. Available in different colors, black, white or PMS.
3. Printing can be done on single or both sides.
4. Drilled hole for easy use.
5. A Wide variety of hang tags sizes available.
6. Available in required standard or customized options.

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