Use Paper Bags for Effective Branding

As a businessman paper bag is not just a bag but it is an opportunity to offer your customers utility and display the brand. Since the first machine was invented to mass-produce paper bags in 1852 so, many options have been introduced for commercial use. Many types of paper bags have been invented and improved through the decades, and they have outdated the plastic bags. We’ve put together some types to tell you how they can benefit the business.

S.O.S Bags

Children and office workers preferred it as a lunch carrier. S.O.S stands for Self Opening Square. It has the iconic brown color, and it stands on its own which makes it suitable to fill food, drinks, treats, and snacks easily. They are known for the brown color though, but now they are available in various colors. They are used for toting small items throughout the world. The extensive usage of these bags can enhance brand identification that is why many paper bag manufacturers print logos or brand name on the S.O.S bags.

Pinch-Bottom Bags

They have a wide-top which enables these bags to remain open when they are being loaded. They have an envelope like a seal, tapered end, and glassine lining which is grease proof. They are considered as the ideal bags for baked items. The companies involved in the bakery industry can use pinch-bottom bags for advertising purposes.

Merchandise Bags

They are the most commercialized bags according to the paper bag manufacturers because they are used by the customers to take home their purchases. A little customization can add a branded touch to these bags. In-house purchases can serve as a double advantage with a minimum effort.

Bakery Bags

As the name suggests, these bags are specifically crafted to protect the food items from perishing. They contain linings of glassine and wax paper which help in maintaining the taste and freshness of the contents. Bakery bags are again ideal for the branding of the food-related business.

Mailing Bags

The mailing bags are envelope style and use to mail documents. These bags are also used to mail small items apart from documents. They contain an extra layer of protective padding. These are the ideal bags to ship fragile items. They travel far and wide so imagine the scale of marketing they offer.

Recycled Bags

For the advertising of eco-friendly products the recycled bags are ideal. They are made from eco-friendly material and reduces the carbon footprint. They have gained popularity in recent times and are becoming the top choice.

Vogue Bags

The elegant alternative of the plain paper bag is the vogue bag. They take the gift presenting to the next level, and that is the exact reason why many jewelry box manufacturers provide these bags with their boxes now.

Bottom Line

Paper bags are a better substitute for plastic bags as they are way less harmful to the environment. With the increased awareness more and more people are opting for the paper bags instead of traditional plastic ones. Many manufacturers such as jewelry box manufacturers, gift item manufacturers, and others now use different types of paper to create customized bags.